Concrete is among the most durable building materials on earth because it continues to build strength over time. While this is an incredible characteristic, sometimes concrete projects require more strength early on. Developing early strength can be challenging and costly, which is why Fritz-Pak developed our Non-Chloride Accelerator to help build strength faster. Here are some ways NCA is more efficient than many of the other methods used to increase the early strength of your concrete.

Change to the Water Cement Ratio

One of the more popular methods of enhancing the early strength of concrete is to change the water-cement ratio of the concrete. While this does improve the early durability of the mix, it also affects the slump of the concrete, and your mix might not meet job specifications. Fritz-Pak’s NCA has no impact on the water-cement ratio of the concrete, making it friendly toward both the environment and your budget.

No Additional Equipment Needed

Curing the concrete is also a good practice for developing high early strengths, especially in precast concrete. While this is a very effective solution, it also requires additional equipment, which will then need to be serviced and maintained, costing a lot of extra money in the long run. Fritz-Pak’s NCA comes packaged in a convenient, water-soluble bag that can be added directly to the drum of your truck, making it a more budget-friendly option.

No Damage to the Concrete

One of the more popular admixtures to use for high early strengths is Calcium Chloride. This product is an ASTM standardized product. The problem is that over time, it can erode the steel reinforcements in your concrete project. NCA is chloride-free, so you can rest easy know that your concrete will remain strong for years to come.

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