When preparing your concrete pump for a job, you know how important it is to make sure everything goes smoothly.  Nobody wants a ‘boom party’.  The last thing you need is for the concrete to form a plug in the line and to spend thousands of dollars repairing pipes or replacing elbows.  Perhaps more importantly than damaging your equipment, delays on the job can also damage your reputation with your customer.  So how can you avoid these issues and keep your concrete pump working properly throughout even the biggest jobs?  The answer is simple: use a high-viscosity pump primer, like Slick-Pak.

What is Viscosity Anyway?

Viscosity refers to the consistency of a liquid and is the quality that determines how well the inside of your pipe is lubricated.  Higher viscosity materials tend to be thick – like molasses – and leave a trail of materials behind them.  Our Slick-Pak products are formulated to create high levels of viscosity to ensure they will move through your pipes at just the right speed and leave behind an even coating of primer.

Doesn’t Water Do the Same Thing?

The short answer is no. Water is a low viscosity material, meaning it tends to flow very quickly and leaves almost no material behind. This will create an inconsistent coating inside your pipe and will not provide enough lubrication to prevent the leading edge of your concrete from drying out and forming a plug.

Order Yours Today

So, if you really want to protect your equipment and your reputation on the job site, then order a case of Fritz-Pak Slick-Pak today.  Not only will it protect your pump from plugs, but it will also lower the pressure in your lines to prevent excessive wear and tear. Check out our video to learn more.