As a concrete worker, you know that your concrete must pass several different tests – including a slump test. Unfortunately, the consistency of your concrete can change during transport, which means you will need to make some adjustments on the job site. Using a powdered superplasticizer is the fastest, most affordable method for adjusting the slump at the job. But why use powdered over liquid plasticizers? Won’t they both produce the same results? Not quite. Here are some additional benefits to choosing powdered superplasticizers for your mix.

They Don’t Wear Off

When using superplasticizers, keep in mind that the product loses potency over time. Liquid plasticizers are measured and added to the truck at the plant. So, by the time the truck arrives at the job, the superplasticizer is no longer at its maximum effectiveness. The ability to add powdered admixtures to the mix at the job site ensures the admixture will provide the highest results.

No Need to Measure

Working with concrete is all about efficiency and reducing the steps in concrete production is always a win. Using liquid superplasticizers requires precise measurements before adding the admixtures to the concrete patch. This adds a little extra time and requires additional equipment to ensure the mix will be the right consistency for the job. Fritz-Pak’s powdered superplasticizers come packaged in premeasured, water-soluble bags, which makes it very easy to add the product to your truck.

Order Yours Today

Fritz-Pak offers a whole line of powdered Superplasticizers to help prevent your concrete from getting rejected at the job. Keep a case in your truck, and always be sure you’re always ready to pass that slump test! Order yours today at