In recent months, higher costs for grout primers have forced concrete pump operators to seek out alternative priming materials. Fritz-Pak’s Slick-Pak primers provide an excellent alternative to grout and slurry primers, but making the switch can be challenging. Here are some tips on improving the transition to synthetic pump primers like Slick-Pak or Slick-Pak II.

Consider the Mix

When working with grout and slurry primers, you can make the same grout for a variety of concrete mixes. Synthetic primers require a bit more consideration of the type of mix you will be pumping. Complex or rocky mixes may require higher viscosity than leaner mixes. You also need to consider the size and type of equipment you’re using, as larger pumps need more synthetic primer than you might normally make.

Use Slick-Pak II for Harsh Mixes

When working with synthetic primers, you will need to make more material than you would with grout or slurry materials. You can also improve the pumpability of the mix by adding Slick-Pak II to the mix before pumping. This helps prevent the coarse aggregates from getting bumping against each other as they travel through the boom.

Prime for Elbows & Pipe Reductions

We recommend sending a ball through the boom behind the priming material to ensure that the priming material evenly coats the inside of every inch of the pipe – including elbows and changes in pipe size.

Is Slick-Pak the right choice?

You might wonder if a synthetic primer like Slick-Pak is a better choice. The answer is yes – once you master mixing the right amount. Typically, when our customers experience problems with Slick-Pak is due to either incorrect proportions or water in the prime, or an inadequate amount of priming material used for the job. If you’re considering switching to Slick-Pak, here are some general rules of thumb.

    • One bag of Slick-Pak in five gallons of water will prime 50 meters of five-inch boom pipe
    • One bottle of Slick-Pak Liquid will prime 150 feet of two-inch rubber hose
    • High-performance mixes require a diluted primer, so use one bag of Slick-Pak in up to 10 gallons of water
    • Slick-Pak II may be used as a pumping aid in harsh mixes to improve pumpability

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