The key to any successful implementation begins with education. As the weather heats up, it is time to re-educate yourself on all the benefits and applications of Fritz-Pak Delayed Set products. The summer months are the busiest times for concrete construction. But in this economy, there are still fewer jobs than in the past. Many companies might be working with smaller crews than they are accustomed to, or with older equipment, anything to stretch their dollars. However, something as simple as having your own set retarder on site (and knowing how to use it!) can save you time, money, and labor.

Priscilla Dunn of Artistic Concrete Design in Georgia is keenly aware of the challenges many contractors face during this time of year. “Most contractors have no knowledge of admixtures starting out,” says Priscilla. “They request admixtures be added at the batch plant if they need them. This means if they are ordering 10 yards, they pay for 10 yards of retarder because the truck takes 45 minutes to reach them. They typically don’t need retarder in the first part of the load. I show them if they have Mini Delayed Set they can retard the portions of the load that need it. They save money and have better control over their concrete set.”

Don’t think that Fritz-Pak Delayed Set is just for contractors and ready-mix companies. There are many customers that use Slick-Pak for concrete pumping, but do not know the benefits of having Mini-Delayed Set on hand as well. Mike Lothamer of ACI Concrete Pumping in Kansas has been using Slick-Pak and Mini-Delayed Set for years. “We use Mini Delayed Set for re-circulation in our pumps because it’s the easiest, most predictable retarder we can use. With the ‘one bag retards one yard approximately one hour’ rule of thumb, we can calculate exactly the time we need. There are no surprises. We can hold units, keep concrete alive, even wash out our trucks afterwards. It’s always good to have it handy.”

It’s always good to remind your customers about all the benefits our versatile admixtures offer. From giving you extra time on a hot day, to saving a load for another job, our admixtures truly put you in control of your job.


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