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When you need extra control over your concrete mix, Fritz-Pak is here to help. We understand that sometimes you need to delay the set time of the mix, and sometimes you need free-flowing concrete. And sometimes you need both. That’s why we develop our slump enhance Supercizer 2. This powerful water reducer is formulated to reduce the water content by up 20% while also reducing the set time by up to an hour.

Why Add a Delay Set to a Slump Enhancer?

Superplasticizers are often used to create concrete used insulated concrete form structures or large wall formwork. These jobs are poured in lifts, which can increase the risk of cold joints, which occur when the lower lift of concrete starts to set up before the next layer is poured. Fritz-Pak’s slump enhancer Supercizer reduces the risk of this problem by delaying the set time to keep the concrete fresh and plastic through the entire pour.

Benefits of Supercizer

  • Water reduction up to 20%
  • Increase of slump 7 inches
  • Long-lasting slump life
  • Higher strengths achieved more economically
  • Improves workability
  • Improves durability of concrete

Using a Slump Enhancer During Hot Weather

Concrete can lose slump for a variety of reasons, including extreme temperatures. When working with concrete in hot weather, keeping a slump enhancer handy is an easy way to make adjustments on the job site. And having a delay set already in the superplasticizer reduces the need for an additional admixture.


If you have questions about our Supercizer 2, or another Fritz-Pak Slump Enhancer, call us at (214) 221-9494 for technical assistance. Check out the additional resources below for even more information.

  • Supercizer 2 product bulletin
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Choosing the Right Superplasticizer video
  • Preventing Cold Joints in ICF video


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(20) 1.75 lb. water soluble bag
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