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Hot weather makes concrete placement and finishing feel impossible because it speeds up the rate of hydration in the mix. (Hydration is the chemical process by which concrete sets up, and it generates a lot of heat anyway.) Fortunately, adding a set delay admixture, such as Fritz-Pak’s Standard Delay, slows down the hydration in the mix to give you the extra time you need to properly finish the concrete before it sets.

Using Fritz-Pak’s Standard Delay Set Admixture

Standard Delay comes packaged in two-pound, water-soluble bags for easy addition to the concrete mix. Adding one bag to your truck will delay the set time of four yards of concrete by up to one hour. If you need additional time, you can adjust the dosage based on the recommended dosage rates in the product bulletin. When adding Standard Delay to your truck, it is very important to mix the truck thoroughly to prevent brown stains in the concrete.

Benefits of Standard Delay Set

  • Allows for extended delivery times
  • Easy use and transportation
  • Improved concrete finishing
  • Reduced cracking


If you have questions or need to troubleshoot our Standard Delay Set admixture, give us a call at (214) 221-9494. You can also check out the additional resources to learn more about our hot weather concrete products.

What's in the box?
(18) 2 lb. (908 g) water soluble bag
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