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Fritz-Pak’s pool plaster finishing admixture, Plaster Supreme, improves the overall finishability of cement-based pool plaster mixes. This product comes packaged in our signature, water-soluble pouches for easy addition to the mix on the job site. Plaster Supreme does not contain calcium chloride or other corrosive materials.

Why Fritz-Pak’s Pool Plaster Finishing Admixture

Plaster Supreme improves the workability of pool plaster by reducing water lost due to evaporation or substrate absorption. The water retention chemicals in the admixture suspend the water molecules in the mix to stop them from leaving the mix. By locking moisture in the plaster, Plaster Supreme lowers the amount of trowel work required during the finishing process

Additional Benefits of Fritz-Pak’s Pool Plaster Finishing Admixture

    • Improved vertical hang of the plaster
    • No effect on set times
    • Does not discolor plaster materials


Check out our product demonstration video or request a free product sample to learn more about Plaster Supreme. Don’t forget to follow our social media channels for more information about how our products can improve your plaster.

What's in the box?
(40) 10 oz. water-soluble bags
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