Plaster Fast Set


The setting time of pool plaster tends to fluctuate with the ambient temperature. During hot weather, the materials are set up faster. When the temperature drops below 40℉, the material will take much longer to set up. This slower set time increases the risk of freezing as the temperature gets colder and colder. Fritz-Pak recommends our non-chloride pool plaster accelerator, Plaster Fast Set, for all your cold-weather plaster applications.

Why Use a Non-Chloride Pool Plaster Accelerator?

Plaster Fast Set contains no calcium chloride or other corrosive materials. This ensures that the product won’t damage the steel reinforcements or concrete. Plaster Fast Set is safe for your crew to handle without special equipment or precautions. This product accelerates the setting time of pool plaster by up to 1 hour. It is specially formulated not to affect the coloring of the plaster mix.

How to Use our Pool Plaster Accelerator

How much Plaster Fast Set you add to your mix will depend on the temperature. If you’re blending the mix at the job site and it is 45℉ or warmer, use one bag of accelerator per every four bags of cement. If the temperature is less than 45℉, you can use up to three bags of accelerator for every four bags of cement. Mix all the materials for the plaster. Add the water-soluble Plaster Fast Set bags. Mix on high for five to seven minutes. Then the plaster will be ready for placement as usual.

If using our plaster accelerator in a preblended mix, follow the dosage rates for ambient temperature for every 1,000 pounds of material. Plaster Fast Set can also be used to make preblended plasters at a dosage rate of one to three percent by weight of cement.

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(8) 5 lb. (2.27-kg.) water soluble bag
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