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Decorative concrete countertops are growing in popularity because they are both durable and elegant. When producing concrete for these projects, the concrete for the countertops must be flowable enough to fill every crevice of the mold to avoid voids. That’s why Fritz-Pak created Counter-Flo – a potent decorative concrete admixture. This unique, powdered admixture increases the flow of the concrete mix while lowering the water requirements, allowing you to create the perfect mix for concrete counters and statues.

Why Use a Decorative Concrete Admixture?

  • More fluid concrete with less water
  • Improves concrete strength
  • Improves concrete finisher
  • Packaged in 8-pound resealable container
  • Measuring scoop included

Tips & Tricks for Using a Decorative Concrete Admixture

If you want the best results from Fritz-Pak’s Counter Flo, be sure to use concrete best practices. When using pigments alongside the decorative concrete admixture, add them at the same. Counter Flo will improve the dispersion of the pigments in the mix. Once the admixture mixes with the water, the effects will last for about 45 minutes, but the product can be re-dosed into the unplaced mix.

Need More Information?

Do you have questions about using Counter Flo for your next decorative concrete piece? Contact us at (214) 221-9494. You can also check out the resources below for additional information.

What's in the box?
8-lb (3.63-kg) re-closable plastic container w/ 2-oz. measuring scoop
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