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Incorrect air content is one of the main reasons for rejected concrete loads. Unfortunately, air content is also one of the most difficult qualities of concrete to control. Fritz-Pak’s air entrainer Air Plus can help. This powerful air-entraining admixture increases the air content of freshly batched concrete by up to 1%. It is packaged in a water-soluble bag for easy addition at the job site. Air Plus is compatible with a variety of admixtures and can be used with mixes with fly ash. It is ASTM certified and approved for use by the Department of Transportation in several states across the country.

What Air Entrainer is in Air Plus?

Fritz-Pak Air Plus is formulated with Vinsol resin, which is a natural air entrainer. Fritz-Pak uses natural materials because they work better than synthetic entrainers. Vinsol resin disperses the air pockets more evenly through the mix.

Benefits of Air Plus as an Air Entrainer

  • Reduce rejected concrete due to low air content
  • Can improve concrete workability
  • Powdered material will not freeze
  • Does not impact the water-cement ratio of the mix
  • Increases the durability of concrete
  • Easily transported and stored
  • Pre-measured for easy addition at the plant or the job

Why Does Air Content Matter?

Proper air entrainment is an important characteristic of exterior concrete in colder climates because it reduces the risk of freeze damage. The air pockets provide space for water in the concrete to expand as it freezes. This keeps the concrete from cracking during the winter months.


For more information about using an air entrainer, such as Air Plus, in your concrete mix, check out the resources below, or give us a call at (214)- 221-9494.

What's in the box?
(60) 8 oz. (227 g.) water soluble bags
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