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Quickly Increase the Air Content at the Jobsite

Have a job site inspector ever rejected your concrete truck because of incorrect air content? Have your tried adding air entraining admixtures at the batch plant – only to find that the air content changed during transit? Incorrect air content is one of the main reasons concrete gets rejected from a job site. Fritz-Pak’s Air Plus comes packaged in our signature, water-soluble pouches. This provides the control you need to increase the air at the site – saving time, money, and the environment.

What are Air Entraining Admixtures?

Air entraining admixtures are a type of surfactant that evenly produce and disperse air bubbles throughout a load of concrete. These air pockets create microscopic voids in the concrete as it sets, allowing ice to expand when the concrete is exposed to freezing temperatures. Fritz-Pak’s Air Plus is made with a naturally occurring chemical called vinsol resin. Vinsol resin produces smaller, more even air bubbles than many of the synthetic air entrainers on the market. Keeping a case of Air Plus in your truck can help you achieve the following results for your concrete.

  • Reduce rejected concrete due to low air content
  • Improved concrete workability
  • Increased concrete durability

Learn More

You can learn more about how Air Plus works to protect your concrete by watching our product video. If you would like to test the product to see if it is the right admixture for your project, you can request a free sample. Don’t forget to follow our social media channels for more information about how our products can improve your concrete.

What's in the box?
(60) 8 oz. (227 g.) water soluble bags
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