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Air content is one of the most volatile characteristics of freshly batched concrete. While it is more common for air content to be too low, for jobs requiring high-density concrete the lower the air content the better. The easiest way to ensure the load has the proper air content is to add an air detrainer to the concrete. Fritz-Pak’s Air Minus works well alongside other admixtures, including superplasticizers. There is no current ASTM certification.

How Does This Air Detrainer Work?

In our manufacturing facility in Texas, Fritz-Pak formulated Air Minus with a medium chain, branched glycol. The chemical structure of the admixture reduces water tension in the mix, which limits the ability of the water to form bubbles. It also breaks the bubbles that are already present in the mix, releasing the air back into the atmosphere.

Benefits of Air Minus


  • Increase the unit weight of concrete
  • Increase compressive strength
  • Maintain the density of slurries
  • Recommended for the production of heavyweight concrete
  • Allows for high-speed mixing of fly ash
  • Counteracts air entrained air caused by superplasticizers


Proper Use of an Air Detrainer

While Fritz-Pak’s Air Minus is a powerful chemical, it does not overpower air entrainers that have been previously added to the mix. When using an air detrainer, proper mixing is very important because overmixing can lower the impact of the admixture. So, be sure to follow the recommended guidelines when using Air Minus, or any air detrainer.


If you have questions about our air detrainer product, give us a call at (214) 221-9494, and don’t forget to check out the resources below for more information.

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