If you’re a Volumetric or Mobile Mixer operator, you know the challenges of false setting concrete. This immediate stiffening of the concrete can make it almost impossible to get the right finish. In some cases, reworking the concrete can revitalize the mix, but sometimes the only thing to do is start over. So why does false set happen, and is there any way to prevent it? Glad you asked. Here is some information about false set and how you can stop it in its tracks.

What Causes False Set?

The main cause of false setting concrete is partially dehydrated gypsum in the cement, which happens when the grinding mill at the cement plant gets overheated. Once this partially dehydrated gypsum mixes with water, it turns to plaster of Paris and starts developing crystals, causing premature stiffness in the concrete mix.

Why Does False Set Affect Volumetric Mixers?

One of the best ways to prevent false set is by mixing the concrete continuously for a while. The longer the concrete mixes, the less likely there will be false set, which is why the problem most commonly affects concrete placed by a volumetric mixer.

Is There a Solution?

Fritz-Pak’s Water Conditioner is specially formulated to conditioner the water to break down the gypsum in the cement. Packaged in a water-soluble bag, this product can be easily added to the water tank when you load up the materials. One bag in a 500-gallon tank is all you need to prevent false set in the whole load. Water Conditioner is designed to break down the gypsum without impacting the rest of the cement, so you won’t have to worry about the quality of your concrete.

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