Southern Star Concrete, a Ready Mix producer in North Texas, with more than 25 plants, has implemented the use of Super Air Plus in their operations to reduce the number of rejected loads at the jobsite due to low entrained air content.

Curtis Lee, Director of Quality Control at Southern Star, in a recent interview shared with us the success they have been able to achieve with our products. Air content is checked at the jobsite, and if needed, the load is dosed immediately with Super Air Plus. Within a few minutes, the air content meets specifications and the concrete can be placed. This eliminates the cost of returning trucks to the plant for redosage, or losing loads if the concrete is rejected altogether. Mr. Lee estimates that the savings to his company by using Super Air Plus at the jobsites is $100,000 a year.

Curtis Lee says:
“Southern Star Concrete in Dallas, Texas has used Fritz-Pak Super Air Plus for five years. The product has been used in concrete for commercial and Texas D.O.T. projects. When the air tests slightly lower than specification, Super Air Plus brings it up into specification. Super Air Plus is good value for money. The material cost is nothing compared to losing a load of concrete.

The powdered form of the admixture makes it very convenient and light to transport. The bags weigh a few ounces each and fit in a tool box in a truck. There is not the problem with spill control that there is with liquid admixtures. Each bag is a pre-measured dose in a water soluble bag in a protective outer bag. Calculating the amount of admixture needed is therefore simple, and the inner bag dissolves right in the hopper.”

Are you using Super Air Plus in your operations? If not, how much are you losing each year by not doing so?


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