The most difficult specification to control for concrete is air entrainment, and out of spec mixes are the primary reason for lost loads. With concrete being a perishable product, if you don’t have a solution right at hand, you can’t fix your loads. Ready-Mix producers have been saving loads for years using our products, and customers have been asking us for a more convenient way to carry products in trucks.

Introducing – QC-Pak! It is a small, portable box for safely carrying our products in Ready-Mix Trucks. The label identifies which truck/driver the box belongs to so plant managers can keep track of their inventory.

Beginning May 1st, you will find a FREE QC-Pak in marked boxes of Air Plus and Super Air Plus.


Also, look for our companion product Pump-Pak in marked boxes of Slick-Pak and Slick-Pak II.


Fritz-Pak Corporation is a member of the American Concrete Institute, the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, the American Society of Concrete Contractors, including the Decorative Concrete Council, the American Concrete Pumping Association, and the International Packaged Concrete Manufacturer’s Association

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