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Rescue-Pak contains six of our most effective admixtures proven to solve problems in the field: Supercizer 5, Slick-Pak II, Super Air Plus, Mini Delayed Set, Super Slump Buster, and Standard Delayed Set.
Supercizer 5
Use Supercizer 5 to increase the slump of concrete by 6″ or for a 25% water reduction. This product is formulated to produce stronger, more durable concrete. Supercizer 5 meets ASTM C-494 Type F, AASHTO M-194, and CRD C-97.

Slick-Pak II
Slick-Pak II increases the ease and range of pumpability, while decreasing wear on equipment, the horsepower required for pumping, and friction and line pressure. The product minimizes slump and air loss through pump lines and does not affect the ultimate strengths of concrete.

Super Air Plus
Use Super Air Plus when the level of entrained air is below job requirements. This product will increase the content of entrained air in concrete by 0.75 to 2%. Super Air Plus meets ASTM C-260, AASHTO M-154, and CRD C-13.

Super Slump Buster
Use Super Slump Buster when a low slump is required for proper placing. Super Slump Buster permits controlled slump reduction, allowing placements on inclines or curbs, while minimizing segregation. Using this product improves finishing characteristics without changing the water-cement ratio.

Standard Delayed Set
Use Standard Delayed Set to retard the set of fresh concrete, in cases when the ready-mix truck has a long-distance haul, the truck or other equipment breaks down, or when the temperature at the job site is too high. Standard Delayed Set meets ASTM C-494 Type D, AASHTO M-194, and CRD C-87.

Mini Delayed Set
Use Mini Delayed Set for wash water stabilization, when no washout is allowed at the job site. Use it to retard the set of concrete whenever an unexpected delay occurs. One bag of Mini Delayed Set delays the set of one yard of concrete for one hour. Mini Delayed Set meets ASTM C-494 Type D, AASHTO M-194, and CRD C-87.

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How do I buy replacement bags?
All the admixtures are available in case quantities. Call you local Fritz-Pak distributor.
What is the Rescue-Pak designed for?
Rescue-Pak is designed for on-the-jobsite corrections. It has proven to effectively solve unexpected concrete problems.
What type of products are in the Rescue-Pak?
Air-Entrainer, Set Retarder, Superplastizer, Pump Primer/Pump Aid, and Slump Reducer. Consult the technical bulletins to review individual products.
What kind of shelf life can I expect?
If stored in a dry place, it should be good for two or more years. If the powder is still flowable (not hard), the product is good.
Can the Rescue-Pak be customized to fit my company's need?
Yes, contact your local Fritz-Pak distributor.
What is the cost of Rescue-Pak?
Can you afford a lost or rejected load?
  • Rescue-Pak improves your bottom line by saving loads of concrete at the job site which would otherwise be rejected
  • Our admixtures are packaged in patented water-soluble bags for convenient use at the plant, on the road or at the job site
  • Heavy-duty, watertight carrying case
  • Handy waterproof field guide and usage directions
  • Product Bulletins and Material Safety Data Sheets included, complying with jobsite safety regulations
  • All our products meet or exceed applicable ASTM standards