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Water Conditioner is a dry powdered admixture packaged in a patented, water-soluble bag. It is intended for use in volumetric concrete mixers to prevent false-set problems. False-set is a term used to describe the stiffening of the concrete within one minute after water is added. It is not a “hard set.” It happens more frequently in volumetric mixers because mixing times are not long enough to condition the concrete.

984204 oz. (113 g.) water soluble bag100
Why does false set occur in volumetric mixers but not in regular ready mix concrete?
False set is a rapid hardening of the concrete shortly after adding water. This false set is not a hard set and in regular ready mix concrete, the extended mixing simply breaks up this false set.
Why does false set occur?
In the manufacture of cement, gypsum is added to control the set. The gypsum is normally added in the final milling process. If in the final milling the temperature of the cement gets too hot, the gypsum will dehydrate forming anhydrate or hemihydrate (Plaster of Paris). When water is added the Plaster of Paris hardens very fast and gives the appearance of a false set.
Why doesn't false set happen all the time?
False set is more common in the summer time and when cement plants are working at full capacity.
Why it is important to control the false set in volumetric mixers?
Because when the false set appears, it is very difficult for the contractor to work the concrete. If excess water or superplasticizer is added to the concrete to reduce the effects, this can cause a weaker concrete or increased cost of admixtures.
Will the Water Conditioner affect the true set of concrete?
  • Fritz-Pak Water Conditioner reduces false-set problems in volumetric mixers
  • Does not delay set of concrete
  • Very easy to store and ship
  • Prepackaged doses in patented water-soluble Fritz-Pak bags are simple to use


Water Conditioner is compatible with most concrete admixtures. When used with other admixtures, each one must be dispensed separately into the mix.