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When placing concrete underwater, it is important to design a mix that won’t wash away with the current of the water. Fritz-Pak’s anti-washout concrete admixture, Hydrocizer, offers a fast, economical solution for these situations. This product allows the placement of concrete in underwater applications without segregation, reduces water requirements, increases concrete compressive strength, reduces permeability, and increases durability. Hydrocizer is recommended for all types of underwater concreting where performance with decreased segregation, lower water-cement ratio, and improved slump characteristics are desired. It does not contain calcium chloride or other potentially corrosive materials and is compatible with all standard concrete admixtures.

970901.75 lb. water soluble bag2425
970931.1 kg. water soluble bags2025
9709150 lb. (22.7 kg.) paper bag40
What is Hydrocizer?
It is a blend of water retention agents and superplasticizers. The water retention agents hold the concrete together and the superplasticizer reduces the amount of water in the mix.
Does the superplasticizer in Hydrocizer change the set time?
No. It is a non-retarding superplasticizer.
What standards does Hydrocizer meet?
There are no ASTM standards for additivies for underwater concreting, rather there are standards for the concrete used in underwater concreting. Hydrocizer can be used to develop mixes that meet standards and requirements for underwater concreting.
Can Hydrocizer be used in saltwater?
Yes. The superplasticizer in Hydrocizer is tolerant of high salt concentrations.
  • Concrete can be exposed to water without excessive washout
  • Eliminates time and expense of dewatering hydraulic structures prior to placement
  • Eliminates the need for pumps or tremmies when direct placement is possible
  • Self-leveling and self-consolidating
  • Allows direct underwater concrete placement in repair locations
  • Effective in fresh and salt water environments
  • Improves concrete workability with no loss in strength
  • Higher strengths may be achieved more economically using standard mix designs
  • Improves cohesiveness and reduces concrete segregation and water dilution
  • Lower permeability
  • Higher durability
  • Addition of high-range water reducer is not required
  • Improved bond strength to steel and existing concrete
  • No need for admixture dispensers because Hydrocizer is packaged in patented water soluble Fritz-Pak inner bags for convenient use at the plant or job site


Hydrocizer is compatible with most air-entraining admixtures as well as other conventional admixtures. When used with other admixtures, each one must be dispensed separately into the mix.