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Fritz-Pak Counter-Flo Concrete Countertop Admixture is a mixture of water reducers and mineral admixtures specifically designed for use in the production of concrete countertops and concrete statuary. It makes concrete more flowable for easy placement without adding additional water, allowing you to reduce the water-cement ratio in your mix. By lowering water content you achieve higher compressive and structural strength, thus allowing faster demolding and a faster cure. The lower water content will also provide a denser and less permeable concrete, making the concrete less prone to staining. The use of Counter-Flo allows you to place a relatively wetter concrete, reducing air bubbles, so the concrete will yield a better pattern definition.

996148-lb (3.63-kg) re-closable plastic container w/ 2-oz. measuring scoop436
996158-lb (3.63-kg) re-closable plastic container w/ 2-oz. measuring scoop1120
What does Counter-Flo do to concrete?
It makes it easier to place, reduces water, increases strength, and reduces shrinkage cracks to produce a smoother finish.
Will it change the set time?
No, it will not appreciably speed or slow the set.
Will Counter-Flo change the strength of the concrete?
Yes, it will increase strength and durability.
Does concrete made with Counter-Flo require special curing?
No, cure as you normally would. (We recommend following the American Concrete Institute guidelines.)
Will Counter-Flo affect my colored concrete?
No, Counter-Flo is a white powdered material and will not affect concrete color.
  • Counter-Flo makes concrete more fluid with less water.
  • Strengthens concrete.
  • Reduces water.
  • Reduces cracking.
  • Smoother finish.
  • Makes concrete easier to place.
  • Comes in an 8-lb resealable plastic container.
  • 2-oz. measuring scoop included for easy dosing.
  • Specially designed for concrete countertops and statuary.


Counter-Flo is compatible with most concrete and cement admixtures. If adding other admixtures, they should be added separately into the mix. Testing of compatibility with other admixtures is required prior to production use. Counter-Flo does not contain calcium chloride, nitrates or other potentially corrosive materials.