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The surface layer of freshly placed concrete can dry out quickly in windy conditions, regardless of the temperature outside. So whether you’re working in the dog days of summer or trying to keep warm on a blustery day in January, a concrete finishing aid is a must-have admixture. Fritz-Pak’s Control Finish offers year-round benefits for your flatwork or decorative concrete work. Control Finish is a powered concrete finishing aid, packaged in our signature water-soluble bags. It is easily mixed into a solution that can cover up to 1,000 square feet of freshly placed concrete. Unlike other finishing admixtures, Control Finish is formulated to be worked into the surface of the concrete. So you don’t have to wait around for it to evaporate. It contains no hazardous materials and won’t delay the actual setting time of the concrete.

Using a Concrete Finishing Aid

A concrete finishing aid, like Control Finish, is not the only option available when it comes to keeping the surface of the concrete moist. There are many types of admixtures you can use for this, but each one is different and needs to be used with care. Check out our video regarding the different types of finishing admixtures. Don’t forget to follow our social media channels for more information about how our admixtures can improve your concrete.

Item# Description Bags/Case Cases/Pallet
9700018 oz. (511 g.) 2 water soluble 9 oz. bags, packaged in 1 outer bag30 32
9701050 lb. (22.7 kg.) paper bag1 40
Will Control Finish affect concrete colors?
Control Finish has recently been reformulated to avoid using dark colored material. If applied lightly and evenly, there should be no effect on concrete color.
Can Control Finish be used with color hardener?
Yes, it is particularly suited to help in the application.
Can Control Finish be reapplied?
Yes, you can re-wet as needed as you move through the finishing area.
Will it retard the set of concrete?
Not if applied correctly. If excess amounts are sprayed, and accumulate on the surface, some surface retardation may be seen.
  • Avoids retempering slab surface with water
  • Eliminates or reduces plastic shrinkage cracks, dusting, crazing and crusting
  • Greatly improves application of color hardeners and stamping
  • Greatly enhances the speed and ease of finishing concrete slabs
  • Keeps surface moist in windy conditions
  • Excellent in hot or dry weather
  • Improves durability of concrete surface
  • May be used in power trowels
  • New smaller inner twin packs fit into wide and narrow mouth sprayers


Control Finish is compatible with most concrete and cement admixtures. Avoid heavy or uneven applications, which may slightly discolor and retard the concrete surface. Control Finish does not contain calcium chloride, nitrates, or other potentially corrosive materials. Keep the unused powder dry. Store in a dry location, protected from breakage, deterioration, and contamination. Control Finish is not subject to damage from freezing temperatures.