Gypsum Retarder

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Industrial cement often contains a higher ratio of gypsum than other concrete mix designs. This means that industrial concrete tends to have a rate of false set. False set occurs because the gypsum in the cement overheated during the manufacturing process. When this overheated gypsum mixes with water it can start to form plaster of Paris, making it appear as though the concrete is starting to set up. The best way to reduce false setting problems in concrete is to delay or neutralize the gypsum. That’s where Fritz-Pak’s Gypsum Retarder comes in handy. This product delays the setting time of gypsum to reduce false set problems and improve the performance of gypsum-based types of cement and concrete. It does not contain any hazardous materials and does not give off an offensive odor. For more information about this product or any of our other admixtures, follow our social media channels.

Item# Description Bags/Pallet
9941944 lb. (20-kg) bag40
Does Gypsum Retarder have a strong or offensive odor?
No. Gypsum Retarder is a synthetic amino acid that does not have any odor.
Is Gypsum Retarder available in water soluble bags?
No. Gypsum Retarder is for industrial use, and it is only available in 44 lb. bags.
Will Gypsum Retarder retard portland cement or calcium aluminate cement?
No. Gypsum Retarder is specific for gypsum.
Can Gypsum Retarder be used in blends of cement and gypsum?
Yes. However you may have to increase the dosage of Gypsum Retarder.
The dosage rate of Gypsum Retarder is too low for effective plant addition. Can Fritz-Pak blend it with inert materials?
Yes. Diluted blends for easier plant addition can be made.
  • Slows the set time of gypsum and gypsum-containing materials
  • It is a high-strength retarder that is effective at low dosages
  • Purified material with no offensive odors
  • Dose-response is linear, making the determination of effective dosage easy
  • Can be used in cement-gypsum blends
  • Effective over wide range of pH
  • Efficacy does not diminish during storage


Gypsum Retarder is compatible with most concrete and cement admixtures. When using more than one admixture, each product should be dispensed separately. Gypsum Retarder does not contain calcium chloride, nitrates, or other potentially corrosive materials. Store in a dry location, protected from breakage, deterioration, and contamination. It is not subject to damage from freezing temperatures.