Mortar Set Accelerator

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Fritz-Pak’s Mortar Set Accelerator is a dry, white, powdered set accelerator packaged for use in pre-packaged mortar or concrete. It speeds up set times while increasing early compressive strength. Mortar Set Accelerator contains calcium, but no chlorides. Chlorides, such as the commonly used calcium chloride, promote corrosion in steel, promote efflorescence, and disturb color dispersion in colored concrete or plaster.

Unlike other non-chloride accelerators, such as those containing calcium nitrate, Mortar Set Accelerator is not hazardous. No special handling, storage, or transportation expense is required.

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What does Mortar Set Accelerator do?
It speeds up the set time of your mortar or concrete by 1-3 hours.
Will Mortar Set Accelerator change the strength of my concrete?
It will produce higher early strength, and it will increase durability.
Will Mortar Set Accelerator increase efflorescence in mortar?
No. Efflorescence is promoted by the chlorides in some accelerators. Mortar Set Accelerator does not contain any chlorides, thus it does not promote efflorescence. An example of efflorescence caused by calcium chloride in concrete.
  • Designed for masons and contractors who use bagged concrete or mortar
  • Speeds up set time by 1-3 hours
  • Non-Chloride set accelerator
  • Provides higher early strength
  • Will not promote steel corrosion or efflorescence in concrete
  • Will not affect colors in concrete
  • Dosage can be increased for faster acceleration
  • Can be easily stored for use as needed
  • The material does not require heated warehousing
  • Can be used in all weather
  • Suitable for all types of concrete
  • Easy directions in both English and Spanish

Applicable Standards

This product meets the following specifications:

  • ASTM C-494 Type C
  • ASTM C-494 Type E