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When you need to pump a harsh mix, and don’t want to worry about excess wear-and-tear on your equipment, adding a concrete pumping aid to the mix is the easiest solution. Unfortunately, not all concrete pumping aids are the same. You need a product that will truly improve the mix and lower the pressure in the pump line. That’s why you should always use Fritz-Pak’s Slick-Pak II. Slick-Pak II is a high-viscosity pumping primer and primer aid. Its unique formulation suspends larger, coarse aggregates in the mix to prevent them from catching one another.

Are Concrete Pumping Aids Difference From Pump Primers?

Fritz-Pak’s Slick-Pak & Slick-Pak contain similar materials, just in differing amounts. Slick-Pak is made with a greater amount of lubricants, making it an excellent pump primer but a great pumping aid. Slick-Pak II has higher proportions of thickening agents, allowing for the even suspension of the aggregates. This powerful admixture is designed with these same lubricants, alongside the thickeners, so that it can function as both a high-viscosity primer and a powerful pumping aid.

Benefits of Concrete Pumping Aids

Adding a concrete pumping aid to your concrete mix offers a variety of benefits for both the mix and your pump. Products like Slick-Pak II improve the quality of freshly batched concrete by lowering the risk of segregation. They also lower the line pressure in your pump and lower the risk of plugs no matter how harsh the mix. Slick-Pak II comes packaged in a water-soluble bag, making it easy to add to the mix while it is still in the truck.

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If you need technical assistance when using our concrete pumping aid, give us a call at (214) 221-9494. Don’t forget to follow our social media pages for more information about how our products can improve your concrete.

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How does Slick-Pak II work?
It contains water thickeners and lubricating agents. As Slick-Pak II goes through the pipes and hoses it leaves a coat of water and lubricating agents and effectively wets all surfaces. As the concrete comes behind the Slick-Pak II it does not lose water and the lubrication allows it to slip through the pipe.
What is the difference between Slick-Pak and Slick-Pak II?
Both products have water thickeners and lubricating agents. Slick-Pak has a higher proportion of lubricating agents than Slick-Pak II, thus it is better used as a pump primer. Slick- Pak II has a higher proportion of thickeners, thus it is better suited as a pumping aid, as well as being an excellent pump primer.
Does Slick-Pak II have fluid loss properties?
Yes. The thickeners used in Slick-Pak II work as fluid loss additives in the concrete.
If I have a long run of hose or pipe, should I increase the Slick-Pak II concentration to make it more effective?
No. A too-high concentration may thicken the concrete excessively and produce a plug in the line. It is better to increase the volume of Slick-Pak II used to insure complete coverage and wetting of the line.
What is the best way to prime horizontal lines?
Slick-Pak II will tend to run on the lower part of the line, it is recommended to use a rubber ball in front of the priming solution to avoid only wetting the bottom of the line.
Why do I get plugs when priming for concrete with superplasticizers?
Slick-Pak II requires water to hydrate, so when Slick-Pak II is made with too little water it will absorb water from the concrete in order to hydrate. Concrete with superplasticizers tends to have a low water content, so if the Slick-Pak II absorbs any water from the plasticized concrete, it will have a tendency to plug. For priming for concrete with superplasticizers, we recommend increasing water content be used to prepare the priming solution.
If I do not have a bucket available, can I prepare the priming solution in the hopper?
Yes. Most operators do it that way. Be sure that the bag dissolves completely by directing the water stream over it.
How long in advance do I need to prepare my priming solution?
You need at least 5-10 minutes for the product to dissolve. Once it dissolves, it will stay stable for several hours, so you can prepare your priming solution well before the concrete arrives.
Will it build-up in the pump pipes and hoses?
Can Slick-Pak II be added directly into the Ready Mix truck?
Yes. It will make the concrete more pumpable.
Does Slick-Pak II contain bentonite clay?
No. Slick-Pak II does not contain bentonite or any other type of clay.
  • Increases ease and range of pumpability
  • Decreases wear on equipment
  • Decreases horsepower required for pumping
  • Reduces friction and line pressure
  • Improves mobility and consolidation
  • Minimizes slump and air loss through pump lines
  • Reduces dewatering of concrete
  • Slick-Pak II is packaged in ready-to-use water soluble Fritz-Pak inner bags for convenient use at the plant or job site


Slick-Pak II is compatible with all standard concrete materials as well as other concrete admixtures. When used with other admixtures, each one must be dispensed separately into the mix.