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When you need to improve both the quality and durability of your pool plaster, you can’t go wrong with Fritz-Pak’s Plaster Supreme. This powerful pool plaster admixture reduces the water loss in the plaster to lower the risk of shrinkage cracks. Plaster Supreme comes packaged in our signature water-soluble bags for ease of use at the job site. It is a white powder, so you can rest easy that it won’t discolor the mix.

How to Use Our Pool Plaster Admixture

When adding our pool plaster admixture to your plaster, be sure to mix thoroughly to ensure proper distribution. Don’t forget to review the technical documents for information about dosing Plaster Supreme into several different types of plaster.

Benefits of a Plaster Supreme

Plaster Supreme improves plaster finish without the use of corrosive or hazardous materials. During application, plaster loses water through evaporation and absorption through the substrate. Our pool plaster admixture reduces water loss and improves the workability of the mix. Plaster Supreme creates a spreadable plaster than hangs better on vertical surfaces. This reduces the need for excessive troweling, which lowers the risk of cracks due to over-troweling.

Learn More

If you have questions about using our pool plaster admixture, give us a call at (214) 221-9494. This product can be used in conjunction with our Plaster Delay Set if you need to slow down the setting time of the plaster. Don’t forget to check out the resources below for more information about plaster products.

9842110 oz. (284-g) water soluble bag40
9842250 lb. paper bag
How will Plaster Supreme affect my plaster?
It will improve workability, reduce cracks, and increase water retention to reduce evaporation.
How does Plaster Supreme work?
Mainly, Plaster Supreme increases the level of entrained air in the plaster, making it easier to pump and spread. It also increases the plaster's ability to withstand cracking. Additionally the water retention agent will insure that the water does not evaporate from the plaster, thus creating a better environment for curing.
Does Plaster Supreme have any effect on plaster coloring?
Does Plaster Supreme affect the durability of plaster?
Yes. Plaster Supreme increases durability.
Does Plaster Supreme have a water reducer in the formulation?
Yes, plaster made with Plaster Supreme will require slightly less water, thus creating a stronger cement paste within the plaster.
  • Plaster Supreme improves workability, making plaster smooth and easy to spread
  • Greatly reduces cracks
  • Slows evaporation, increases water retention
  • Will not affect set times
  • Will not discolor white plasters, and helps colors mix evenly in colored plasters
  • Contains no clay, only 10 oz required to treat a standard plaster batch
  • Easy and safe to handle by workers
  • English and Spanish usage directions on every bag
  • Very easy to store and ship
  • Prepackaged doses in patented water-soluble bags are simple to use


Plaster Supreme is compatible with most concrete admixtures. When used with other admixtures, each one must be dispensed separately into the mix.