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Air content can be one of the most challenging concrete qualities to control. From the moment the concrete is batched, to the moment it arrives at the job site, there are so many factors that cause fluctuations in the air content. In fact, incorrect air is the number one reason why concrete loads get rejected from a job. That’s why Fritz-Pak developed our line of air-entraining admixtures. These powerful products allow you to adjust the air content of your concrete at the job, so you can stop worrying about rejected concrete. In fact, our product Air Plus can increase the air in the mix by up to 1% when properly mixed. Air Plus is ASTM certified and has approval from several different states’ departments of transportation.

How Do Our Air-Entraining Admixtures Work?

The primary ingredient in Fritz-Pak’s air-entraining admixtures is Vinsol resin. This natural air entrainer provides better results than the synthetic chemicals used in other entrainers because it disperses the air pockets more evenly throughout the mix. Air Plus comes packaged in a water-soluble bag that is easily added to the concrete truck at the job site.

Why Use Air-Entraining Admixtures

When placing concrete in colder climates, proper air content is vital for the durability of the concrete once it sets. As the concrete experiences freezing temperatures, the water the concrete absorbs freezes and expands. The air pockets created by air-entraining admixtures create adequate space for the water to expand without cracking the concrete. Without these air pockets, the concrete is likely to crack and scale. Mixes with the wrong air content will be significantly less durable than those designed with an air-entrainer such as Air Plus.

Learn More

For technical assistance or any questions you may have about Air Plus, give us a call at (214) 221-9494. Don’t forget to follow our social media pages for more information about how our products can improve your concrete.

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What does increased air content do to concrete?
It increases its durability by making it more resistant to damage from freezing.
Will it change the set time?
No, it will not speed or slow the set.
Will these products affect the strength of my concrete?
They will not significantly change strength, and they will increase durability.
What is the difference between Super Air Plus and Air Plus?
Super Air Plus has twice the concentration of the active ingredient of Air Plus.
Which product should I use, Air Plus or Super Air Plus?
Air Plus should be used by concrete producers who have very consistent quality in their supply of raw materials, thus only needing small corrections of air. Concrete producers that have variation in their quality of raw materials normally experience wider fl uctuations in air content and should consider using Super Air Plus.
What is the raw material used in the production or Super Air Plus?
Vinsol Resin, a natural air entrainer.
Are these products compatible with synthetic air entrainers?
Yes. Additionally the spacing and size of air bubbles is improved when natural air entrainers are used to correct synthetic air entrainers.
Can they be used in dry-blended materials like mortars and stuccos?
Yes. See the recommended dosage rate chart.
Are Super Air Plus and Air Plus effective in concrete with fly ash containing high levels of organic compounds (i.e. high LOI)?
Yes. Natural air entrainers are more effective than synthetic air entrainers.
Can I add Super Air Plus or Air Plus to water to make a liquid admixture?
No. Some of the components will only dissolve under special conditions of temperature and pH.
How long have the products been in the market?
Since 1992.
  • Reduces amount of concrete rejected due to low entrained air content
  • Air Plus and Super Air Plus are premeasured dry materials and will not freeze
  • Easily transported and dispensed
  • Improves concrete workability
  • Addition of Air Plus or Super Air Plus will not affect the water/cement ratio
  • Entrained air content may be easily adjusted prior to job site testing
  • Air Plus and Super Air Plus are packaged in water-soluble Fritz-Pak inner bags for convenient use at plant or job site


Air Plus and Super Air Plus are compatible with all air entraining admixtures, calcium chloride and other admixtures. When used with other admixtures, each one must be dispensed separately into the mix.

Applicable Standards

This product meets the following specifications:

  • ASTM C-260
  • AASHTO M-154
  • CRD C-13