When it comes to creating a quality concrete mix, many different properties need to be considered. Not the least of these properties is the slump. Slump refers to the consistency of freshly batched concrete. It is usually measured at the job site to ensure that the concrete being delivered matches the requirements of the job. So, what happens if you deliver concrete that doesn’t have the right slump? Poor quality concrete is what happens. Fortunately, Fritz-Pak offers products that can solve slump issues quickly and easily.


Too Low Slump: Use Supercizer PCE

Supercizer PCE: a polycarboxylate supercplasticizerJobs involving flatwork or intricate forms require concrete with a relatively high slump. This allows the concrete to fill every crevice of the from and prevents voids in the concrete. If you deliver a low slump concrete mix to a job site like this, simply add a bag of our Supercizer PCE to your truck and mix on high for five to seven minutes. Supercizer PCE is a polycarboxylate based superplasticizer. It loosens the consistency of the concrete, creating a flowing, workable mix. Using this product doesn’t require any additional water, so it will not affect the strength of the concrete.

Too High Slump: Use Super Slump Buster

Fritz-Pak Super Slump Buster: a viscosity modifying admixtureWhen delivering a curb mix going into a slip-form machine, you are going to need a low slump mix. If the slump is too high, the concrete won’t hold the shape of the curb as it forms. To tighten the slump of your load to meet these specifications, Super Slump Buster is the product you want to use. Super Slump Buster is a viscosity modifying admixture that tightens the consistency of the concrete. You can think of it as a water thickener, giving the concrete a ‘gelling’ effect. It only takes 10 minutes of mixing time to give you the perfect consistency for a low slump job.

Fritz-Pak designs products to give you more control over your concrete without affecting the quality of the mix. Because our products don’t affect the water-cement ratio, you can have peace of mind that the concrete you deliver will be strong and durable. For more information about these products or to request a sample, check out this informational video, or give us a call today.

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