Fritz-Pak Corporation has a newly formulated superplasticizer to add to their product line called Supercizer PCE. This product is based on the latest chemistry derived from polycarboxylate ethers that have shown to be very effective high range water reducers.

“This is technically our second launch of this product,” says Gabriel Ojeda, President of Fritz-Pak Corporation. “While PCE chemistry has been around for many years, it is still evolving. We wanted to update our existing product to reflect the latest this chemistry has to offer. The low dosage is really what makes this product so unique. A normal cubic yard dosage of superplasticizer was usually in the 2 – 2.5 lb range. Now, we’re able to dose that yard of concrete in as little as 1 lb with the new material.”

While the chemistry is new and innovative, the benefits of using a superplasticizer remain the same. By reducing the water content in the mix, you can increase the strength of the concrete. Alternatively, you could lower your cement content and achieve the same strength but at a lower cost.

“It’s a great product to use when you are designing ultra high-strength mixes.

You can also use it for SCC (Self-Consolidating Concrete) mixes because the slump increase using this product is extremely high. And, surprisingly, you need very little material to see very big results.”

Fritz-Pak is offering free product samples of this new product for anyone that wants to try it. You can fill out a sample request on our website,, or call the main office at 214-221-9494


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