Are you looking for a faster, more cost-effective way to wash out your concrete drum after a big job? As the concrete industry is becoming more and more green, the regulations and guidelines surrounding the disposal of concrete wash water can increase costs due to extra labor and equipment. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice your budget to protect the environment around you. When you use Fritz-Pak’s Mini Delayed Set to stabilize your concrete wash water, you can reuse it for the next load – saving you money and time, while reducing the environmental impact of your business.

Why is wash water so bad for the environment?

When water mixes with the cement residue in your drum after a job, a chemical reaction occurs that dramatically increases the alkaline content of the water and gives it an incredibly high pH value. When this water comes into contact with the ground, it changes the chemical composition of the soil, burns away vegetation, and prevents plants from regrowing for several years. Additionally, if wash water mixes with groundwater and gets swept away in the storm drains, it can kill off aquatic populations in local streams and rivers.

What are the current regulations?

Many states and countries have laws outlining specialized disposal of concrete wash water to prevent it from mixing with the natural environment. Generally, this requires a disposal bin to be brought onto the job site and monitored carefully to ensure the bins don’t overflow. Other times trucks and pumps must be taken to designated locations to wash out. Failure to comply with these guidelines can result in steep fines and even a stop-work order.

How is Fritz-Pak Different?

Delayed Set AdmixtureFritz-Pak offers an alternative solution in our Mini-Delayed Set admixture. Instead of changing the way wash water is disposed of, this product eliminates the need to dispose of the water at all by allowing it to be recycled in the next load of concrete. Adding this powdered admixture to your truck after the washout stabilizes the cement residue in the water and prevents it from setting up. This gives you the time needed to drive back to the plant and fill up with the next load. Plus, it lowers the amount of water required to mix the next load – providing further environmental benefits.

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