Imagine you’re pumping a big concrete project. Everything has been running like clockwork until the project manager tells you the next concrete truck has been delayed by traffic and won’t arrive for at least another hour. What do you do? How will you ensure your pump is ready to go when the truck arrives? What are you supposed to do about the little bit of concrete still in the pump?
As a concrete pumper, you know that delayed trucks are one of the most frustrating things that can happen on the job. Fortunately, Fritz-Pak’s Mini Delayed Set admixture can provide a fast, easy, and affordable solution to this problem by allowing to recirculate the boom until the next truck arrives. Using this small bag of powdered admixture could be the thing that saves the day.

Save Your Equipment

Whenever you have to wait on the next load of concrete to arrive at the job, it is only a matter of time before you need to be concerned about the concrete in the pump setting up and forming a plug. While recirculating the boom without a delayed set admixture in the mix might delay this slightly, it may not buy you the time you need. Fortunately, Fritz-Pak’s Mini Delayed Set comes packaged in a water-soluble bag that you can drop in the hopper. One bag will delay one yard of concrete for around one hour.
And if you happen to need more time than that, add another bag. This will ensure that you can keep recirculating the boom until the next truck arrives and not have to worry about the boom party in your pump.

Save Time on the Job

Now, you may think that it is better to turn off the equipment if the next load is delayed for a long time.
Unfortunately, this means that you will have to clean the pump so the concrete doesn’t set up while you wait. While the time it takes to clean the pump might not seem like wasted time (after all you are just sitting around waiting on the concrete), you will lose more time once the next load arrives. You’ll have to start the pump, reprime the pipes, and go through the whole process of getting set up again. Deciding to recirculate the boom with a delayed set admixture, such as mini delayed set, will save you time with preparation once it is time to start pumping again.

Save the Environment

Delayed Set AdmixtureAdditionally, shutting down and cleaning the pump increases the impact on the environment. Concrete wash water is very high in alkaline, making it very bad for plants that come in contact with it. Most states have regulations on how concrete wash water should be disposed of, in special containers or locations, but sometimes wash water seeps out of them.
By choosing to use Fritz-Pak’s Mini Delayed Set to recirculate the boom, you reduce the amount of concrete wash water produced by the job – and you save on water usage – reducing the overall environmental impact of the job.

Save Your Budget

By now you may have realized that the alternatives to using a delayed set admixture to recirculate the boom will cost you additional money. Whether it’s repairs on the equipment that got damaged, additional costs in wash water removal, or even just unexpected man-hours needed to reset the pump, waiting on the next load of concrete can punch a hole in your project budget. But, adding a couple of bags of Mini-Delayed Set to the mix and letting the concrete recirculate continuously until the next load arrives is the fastest, easiest way to lower those unexpected costs.

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