Summer is in full swing, and the weather is hot, Hot, HOT! These warmer temperatures mean extra challenges for you as a pool plasterer. When the weather is hot and dry, the surface of your plaster sets up faster, preventing it from hardening properly. This can result in soft, weak plaster that will crack and discolor more easily. In many cases, applying plaster in hot weather can compromise the integrity, which means the whole pool will need repairs or replacement soon. So, how do you protect your plaster from the dangers of summer weather? Here are some tips to improve your next hot weather pool plastering job.

Prepare the Construction Site

One of the best things you can do for your plaster in hot weather is to plan ahead to prevent delays on the job site. This means ensuring your equipment is in excellent condition so it won’t break down halfway through the job. Organize the materials and tools at the site so you know where to find everything when you need it.

Prepare the Mix

When mixing plaster during hot weather, always wait to start mixing until you are ready to apply the plaster to reduce the amount of time the plaster is just sitting in the mixer. If you do have to leave the plaster sitting in the mixer for a while, be sure to cover it with a lightly colored, reflective tarp.

Add a Set Retarder

For an added boost, consider using a plaster admixture, such as Plaster Delay Set, to extend the set time of your plaster. Using set delay admixtures eliminates the need to control the temperatures around the construction site and gives you an extra edge in the race against the sun. And, Plaster Delay Set comes packaged in premeasured, water-soluble bags. So, you can easily add it to your plaster mix.

Order Plaster Delay Set Today

If you’re looking for a fast, affordable way to protect your concrete during the hot days of summer, you can’t beat Fritz-Pak’s Plaster Delay Set. Don’t forget to place your order in our convenient online store.