To all our customers,

I’m sure you have received many messages regarding the novel coronavirus already, but we wanted to let everyone know what is happening on our end.

First and foremost, we truly hope everyone out there is safe and healthy. We are so thankful to be in business with you, and in these uncertain times we wish the best possible outcomes for all our customers, suppliers, partners (and yes, even our competitors!) Like many of you, we have been following this situation very closely for some time. Being a small company, we never thought we would have to speak on this issue, but we have been asked questions by so many people that we decided we needed to say something.

As of this writing, March 16, 2020, we are 100% operational. As you probably know, all our manufacturing takes place in the USA, in Mesquite, Texas specifically. While we employ less than 50 people, we are still taking extra precautions in our plant and following all CDC recommended protocol regarding hand washing, cleaning common areas and door handles, and practicing appropriate social distancing. All our employees have been given 40 extra paid medical/PTO hours, and we have stipulated that no one may come to work if they are exhibiting any cold or flu like symptoms. Managers have the authority to send anyone home should they feel an employee is not well enough to work.

As for our supply chain, we have not yet been impacted by the coronavirus. Most of our suppliers are in the USA, and we have multiple sources for most of our raw material and packaging material components. As of today, no one at our facility has tested positive for coronavirus, and none of our suppliers have had any restrictions or quarantines placed upon them. While this is a fluid situation, and things are changing fast, we just wanted to let you know where we stand today.

In short, our employees are safe and healthy, our machines are running, our inventories are well stocked, and our raw material supply is not compromised.


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