When it comes to lowering the slump of your concrete mix, few products can match the power of a superplasticizer.  But not all superplasticizers are the same – not even the ones we manufacture here at Fritz-Pak.  So how do you choose the right product for the specification of your project?  Here is a quick breakdown of the different characteristics of our line of superplasticizer products.

Standard versus Premium

Fritz-Pak manufactures two strengths of superplasticizers.  Our Supercizer 1 and Supercizer 5 are standard plasticizers formulated to increase the slump of your concrete by up to six inches and reduce the water requirements by 20%. These products are excellent choices for smaller corrections to the mix on the job site.  If you’re looking for something with a bit more power behind it, try a premium superplasticizer, such as Supercizer 2 or Supercizer 7.  These products provide high early strengths and up to a 40% water reduction. You can use a premium superplasticizer when you need a more extreme change in the slump or if you have a project that requires more compressive strength after the concrete has set.

Hot Weather Superplasticizers

Superplasticizers are formulated to reduce the water content of your concrete mix, but during the summer months, this can make your concrete set up even faster.  That is why Fritz-Pak developed two superplasticizer products that combine the powerful actions of plasticizers with the qualities of a delayed set admixture.  If you’re placing a high slump mix on a really hot day, you can add either Supercizer 5 or Supercizer 7 to your mix.  This will give you the consistency you need while also giving yourself extra time to work the concrete.

A Modern Superplasticizer

In recent years, it has become common to use polycarboxylate as a base for superplasticizers.  The chemical structure provides a 40% water reduction and increased strength even with a very low dosage. This makes polycarboxylate plasticizers more economical.  Fritz-Pak’s Supercizer PCE is formulated using the most modern chemistry available and improves both the slump and strength of your concrete while helping you save money on materials.

Order Your Superplasticizer Today

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