Concrete is among the most versatile building materials in the construction industry. It is used to build everything from buildings and homes to decorative patios and statues. One of the most unique applications of concrete is underwater bases for bridges and offshore energy sites. There a many challenges that come with this particular placement of concrete, which is why Fritz-Pak made a unique admixture to serve this area of the industry. Here are some best practices of how to place underwater concrete using our Hydrocizer Anti-Washout concrete admixture.


One 1.75-lb (1.1-kg) bag of Hydrocizer is recommended for each cubic yard (meter) of 4000 psi (275 kg/cm2) concrete to achieve antiwashout stability and yield a slight increase in slump. Concrete temperature, ambient temperature, or concrete mixes containing special admixtures such as silica fume may require dosage rates outside the recommended range. Contact your Fritz-Pak distributor with any questions concerning the dosage rates and applications for this product. We recommend that testing be done to determine the suitability of Hydrocizer to your mix designs.

Mix Design Considerations

The best results are achieved with concrete mixes that have a low water/cement ratio or a low slump of 2-3” (5-8 cm). Rounded coarse and fine aggregates are preferred to ensure better flowability and self-consolidation. The addition of Silica Fume is also useful to further increase compressive strength, bond strength, and abrasion and washout resistance. Hydrocizer can be added to the mix either at the concrete plant or once the load has arrived at the job site, but the load should be discharged within 30 minutes of adding the product. Once the product has been added, it is very important to mix the load at high speed for at least five minutes to ensure the admixture materials have completely activated.

How Does Hydrocizer Work?

Hydrocizer is an anti-washout admixture and contains a blend of superplasticizers and water retention chemicals. While the water-retention agent reduces segregation and holds the mix together, the superplasticizer reduces the water requirements for the mix. Together these chemicals improve the cohesion of the mix, reducing the risk that the materials will separate or get water-logged during underwater placement. Hydrocizer can be used with most of the methods used for placing concrete underwater.

Request a Sample

You can request a sample of Hydrocizer here on the website to see if it is right for your next underwater concrete project. Don’t forget to follow our social media channels for more information about how our products can improve your concrete.