Pool season is ramping up, so it is a great time to stock up on all the materials you’ll need to create beautiful, smooth pool plaster finishes. This includes those plaster admixtures. One of Fritz-Pak’s most popular plaster additives is our Plaster Delayed Set. This powerful product slows down the setting time of pool plaster, making those hot days on the job more bearable. Here are some tips to ensure you get the best results from this product.

Getting the Right Dosing

The recommended dosage for Plaster Delayed-Set is one 10-ounce bag per every 1,000 pounds of plaster mix. This assumes the mix contains 60% aggregate or sand and 40% cement. Once the additive has been added to the plaster, it can be re-added as often as needed before the plaster begins to set.

Using Plaster Delayed Set With Colored Plaster

Plaster Delayed-Set can be used with either gray or white cement mixes. This admixture comes in a white powdered form, which means that it does not discolor plaster mixes. So you can use it with confidence in all your colored plaster mixes.

When to Use Plaster Delayed Set

Plaster Delayed-Set is a set control admixture that slows down the hydration process in the cement. This product is a must-have material for those hot long days on the job during the summer, but it is also great for use when you have a small crew or the sun has warmed up the shell underneath the plaster – or really any time you might need additional time to work the plaster.

Order Today

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