As a concrete pumper, you know how important it is to maintain a tight schedule on the job site. Slowing down to adjust the mix or deal with equipment malfunctions can cost you hours on the jobs – and potentially future jobs. Fortunately, Fritz-Pak has the solution you need in a small, water-soluble bag. Our Slick-Pak II pumping aid is specially formulated to improve your next pumping experience. Here are some reasons you should always pump with our pumping aid product.

Reduces Wear on Equipment

Using a pumping aid in your concrete pump is one of the fastest, easiest ways to protect your equipment from unnecessary wear and tear on the job sites. By adding an aid to the mix, you will be lowering the pressure in the line, which will keep your lines strong for a very long time and prevent blowouts. Pumping aid also reduces the pressure on the pump motor, leading to fewer repairs in the long run.

Reduces Concrete Segregation

Sometimes when concrete mixes are pumped, the water can begin to separate from the rest of the mix. This can result in a dryer mix that increases the likelihood of a plug in the line. Adding a pumping aid to your concrete improves the cohesiveness of your mix, allowing it to flow evenly through the line. This will save you a lot of time and money on the job site.

Reduces Overall Costs

In addition to providing extra protection for your equipment, using a pumping aid can also save you money on materials. In the past, pumpers have tried to improve the pumpability of the mix by adding extra sand or water. This not only increases the cost of materials but also changes the qualities of the mix. A pumping aid generally costs less than other materials and protects the integrity of the mix.

Order Your Pumping Aid Today

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