There is nothing better than jumping into a crisp, cool swimming pool to beat the summer heat—especially after sheltering at home for several weeks. Earlier this month, the CDC announced there is no evidence to suggest Covid-19 spreads easily through swimming pools. Swimming also has the added benefit of being outdoors soaking up vitamin D, which has been shown to help increase your defense against the virus.

With public pools remaining closed or opening at half capacity, many families have decided to install a home pool. Pool contractors across the country have seen an uptick in calls requesting new home pool installations. The Better Business Bureau reports up to a 25 percent increase in inquiries about home pool installations across the county.

The increase in calls and the added challenges of social distancing create unique obstacles for pool contractors. How in the world are you supposed to keep up? Fritz-Pak is here to help. Our line of pool plaster products solves many of the problems that occur during a pool installation and allow you to get the job done faster. Each product is premeasured and packaged in a water-soluble bag, making it easy and hassle-free.

Plaster Delay Set & Plaster Fast Set

Plaster delay admixture

Installing pool plaster in the heat of summer creates a variety of challenges on its own and adding the obstacles of social distancing and labor shortages only magnifies these concerns. Fritz-Pak Pool Plaster Delay Set and Pool Plaster Fast Set allow you to control the set time of your mix regardless of the temperature. Plaster Delay Set is the ideal product for hot weather. It slows down the set time and allows you the extra time you need to work the plaster, particularly for decorative purposes. Plaster Fast Set offers more control over the set time in cooler temperatures, but it is also a great choice if you need to improve the spreadability of your plaster. These two products are a must-have for any pool contractor looking to improve the efficiency and quality of his work.

Plaster Supreme

Home pool installation often requires a lot of extra details. It is more than just pour the plaster and leave. The homeowners want to create a unique, fun environment in their backyard. That means you’ll be creating decorative components throughout the installation process. You can get the texture and slump you need by using Fritz-Pak’s Pool Plaster Supreme. This product creates a plaster that hangs tightly on vertical surfaces and is ideal for creating steps and intricate elements.

So, what are you waiting for? Fritz-Pak is here to help you stay on top of your game during these unprecedented times and ensure that your next pool installation goes as smoothly as possible. Browse our online catalog for these and other powerful admixtures to provide the best results for all your jobs.


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