For Ready-Mix producers, are you batching, placing, and (most importantly) invoicing every yard of concrete you produce? If the answer is no, then you need to start thinking how you can operate more efficiently. Our products are specifically designed to tackle many of the reasons why your trucks get rejected. You can’t save every load with our products, but in a low margin business like concrete, any improvement can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Our powdered admixtures are packaged in water soluble bags, so they can be added to the mix at the plant, on the road, or at the jobsite. They are also pre-weighed so they can easily be dosed to the mix without complicated measuring. Here are just some of the ways our products can help you with your everyday problems.

Slump Correction

When a mix is too dry (low slump), and you can’t add water, then you only have two options: Reject the load or add a superplasticizer. We have a full chemical range of superplasticizers that can instantly add slump to your mix so you can place and invoice that load of concrete. Supercizer 1, 5, or PCE can be used for regular slump life (about 45 minutes), and Supercizer 2 and 7 can be used for extended slump life (about 90 minutes).

If a mix is too wet (high slump) because of a higher content of fine aggregates or the use of superplasticizers (no excess water), you can reduce the slump of concrete by adding Super Slump Buster. Super Slump Buster is a water thickener with temporary slump-reducing effects. Eventually, the concrete will return to its original slump. Recommended for paving, curbing, or placing concrete at a slope.

Entrained Air Correction

Air content is the #1 reason a load of concrete gets rejected. High content of entrained air is specified for concrete that will be subject to freeze-thaw cycles. But if you don’t meet the spec, you don’t get to place and invoice that load of concrete. Air Plus and Super Air Plus will increase entrained air content of your mix instantly. Just 1 bag of Super Air Plus will increase the air by 1% in a full load of concrete. These products are must-have items for every ready-mix truck.

Conversely, Air-Minus is a concrete defoamer that reduces entrained air. It is recommended for high-strength grouts, high-density concrete, and high-strength concrete. Many commercial warehouse jobs now specify that the concrete has low air to meet high-density requirements. Air-Minus will drop the air out of concrete quickly and efficiently.

Set Time Correction

A truck full of concrete is a perishable product. If you don’t place it at the job on time, you’ve got a very hard problem! Being able to delay the setting time of concrete away from the plant is absolutely critical. Maybe the driver gets stuck in traffic. Maybe the concrete pump has to be moved on the site. Maybe all of this happens when it is 105 degrees outside! Having Standard Delayed Set and Mini Delayed Set on hand are invaluable tools to not only save the load, but sometimes save the drum! It’s simple: For Mini Delayed Set, One Bag, One Yard, One Hour Set Delay. For Standard Delayed Set, One Bag, Four Yards, One Hour Set Delay. And you can delay up to 6 hours if needed. Better safe than sorry!

For cold weather concreting, Fritz-Pak NCA is our non-chloride set accelerator. It can speed up set times by 1-5 hours depending on dosage and temperature conditions. When it comes to accelerators, you want to add them right before you place them if possible. There is nothing worse than dosing a truck full of the accelerator, only to find out the truck gets delayed to the job! Having an easy-to-add accelerator to mix in on-site makes the most sense.

Excavatable Fill is Needed

If you’ve been hired to produce a load of flowable fill to backfill a utility trench and you want to create a product without a lot of extra water, then you can’t go wrong with Fritz-Pak’s Fill Flow.  This foaming agent significantly increases the amount of entrained air in the concrete, making it more flowable and lighter than other concrete. This means that it will fill in the trench completely and be easy to excavate in the future.

Traditionally, flowable fill concrete mixes have been made using a disproportionate amount of water. This makes the mix flow and provides the right amount of strength, but it creates problems with excess bleed water, which can affect the set of the concrete.  It also creates extra cost when someone has to go back to the job site and pump out the excess water that has settled on the top.

Fill flow uses air instead of water to change the strength and the workability of the concrete, so you won’t have to worry about excess bleed water.  Also, because Fill Flow creates so much foam, it creates a bigger volume of product, which will reduce the amount of materials needed to create the right amount of flowable fill. This will reduce your costs while providing a superior product to your customer.