Do you want to improve the efficiency of your concrete production? Then you came to the right place.  Fritz-Pak manufactures our ready mixed concrete admixtures to help you solve many of the common problems causing your concrete to get rejected from the job site. Each product comes packaged in our signature water-soluble bags for easy use at the plant, on the road, or at the job site.

Product Solutions

Ready Mixed Concrete Admixtures for Slump Correction

What do you do when you deliver a dry mix to a job requiring a high slump? Add a superplasticizer.  These ready mixed concrete admixtures improve the mix without compromising on strength.  Fritz-Pak offers a full range of superplasticizers to instantly increase the slump of your concrete.

If you deliver a wet mix to a job requiring a low slump, Fritz-Pak’s Super Slump Buster offers the best solution.  This product belongs to a category of ready mixed concrete admixtures called viscosity modifying agents. It tightens the mix and allows for better results when placing concrete with a slip-form machine.

Concrete Additives for Air Correction

More concrete gets rejected due to low air content than any other reason. Concrete placed in areas subject to freezing temperatures requires a high content of entrained air.  Unfortunately, a lot of factors cause fluctuations in the air content, which means you may not have the right mix when you get the job site. That’s why Fritz-Pak offers our ready mixed concrete admixtures Air Plus and Super Air Plus.  These air entrainers increase the air content of the mix by up to 1% almost instantly.

Sometimes, however, you may need to lower the air content of the mix.  When this happens, we recommend our Air Minus.  Air Minus decreases the amount of entrapped and entrained air in the concrete mix.  Like other ready mix concrete admixtures, proper use is crucial to get the best results.  Check out our product video for tips and tricks for using Air Minus in your concrete.

Admixtures for Set Time Correction

A truck full of concrete is a perishable product. If don’t get it placed at the job in time, it can set up inside the truck.  For this reason, the ability to delay the setting time after leaving the plant could be a game changer. That’s why Fritz-Pak developed our line of set delay ready mixed concrete admixtures.  These powerful products provide peace of mind for those days when you get stuck in traffic or the temperature creeps past 100 degrees outside.

Sometimes you don’t need to delay the set time of the mix.  In fact, sometimes you need to accelerate the setting time to keep the concrete from freezing before it sets. However, you don’t want to add an accelerator to the mix until right before you’re ready to place it.  Adding the accelerating admixture to the mix at the plant increases the risk that the load will set up before it arrives at the job site.  That’s why Fritz-Pak makes all our ready mix concrete admixtures to add at the job site.  So you get the accelerated set time when you need it, and not before.

Flowable Fill Ready Mixed Concrete Admixtures

If you’ve been hired to produce a load of flowable fill to backfill a utility trench and you want to create a product without a lot of extra water, then you can’t go wrong with Fritz-Pak’s Fill Flow.  As one of our more unique ready mixed concrete admixtures, this foaming agent significantly increases the amount of entrained air in the concrete, making it more flowable and lighter than other concrete. This means that it will fill in the trench completely and be easy to excavate in the future. Also, Fill Flow creates a bigger volume of product, which will reduce the materials needed for the right amount of flowable fill. This will reduce your costs while providing a superior product to your customer.