Not everything we do is about concrete! In fact, we designed our pool plastering admixtures with pool contractors and builders in mind. Whether you need better control over the set time or you want to improve the workability of the plaster, we have the product you need.  Like all our concrete admixtures, our pool plaster additives come packaged in our signature water-soluble bag.  This makes these products easy to use on the field.  To make things even easier, every bag includes both Spanish and English instructions.

Product Solutions

Set Delay Pool Plastering Admixtures: Slow Down the Plaster

Pool plaster applications present a variety of challenges, especially during hot, dry weather.  Ambient temperature and the amount of moisture in the air affect the setting of plaster more than you might think. That’s why we developed our Plaster Delay Set. This plaster admixture delays the setting time by up to one hour per 1,000 pounds of plaster and it is one of our most popular pool plastering admixtures.

Plaster Supreme: Reduce Water Loss

The perfect pool requires a smooth, clean, and crack-free plaster finish.  Unfortunately, achieving those results doesn’t always come easy, since plaster tends to lose moisture very rapidly. Adding Fritz-Pak’s Plaster Supreme reduces the risk of water loss through both evaporation and absorption.  This improves the workability and durability of the plaster to help you create the elegant plaster finish your customer wants. Like our other pool plastering admixtures, Plaster Supreme won’t discolor your plaster mix and contains no corrosive chemicals.

Plaster Accelerating Additives: Speed Up the Plaster

Not all pool construction occurs during the summer months.  In fact, many homeowners prefer to build their backyard pools during the colder months in preparation for summer.  When applying pool plaster in brisk temperatures, it may take longer for the plaster to actually set up.  An acceleration admixture, such as Plaster Fast Set, speeds up the set time so you can get out of the cold.  As part of our line of powdered pool plastering admixtures, we can guarantee Plaster Fast Set doesn’t contain corrosive materials, such as calcium chloride.