Not everything we do is about concrete! Our line of Pool Plaster Additives were designed specifically with pool contractors in mind. Each product is a dry, powdered admixture especially made for the pool industry. They are all packaged in patented inner water-soluble bags and protective outer plastic bags. The dosage is pre-measured to eliminate guesswork in the field. Each bag has clear English and Spanish instructions to further reduce field application mistakes.

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Product Solutions

Slow Down the Set Time

Working with pool plaster can be challenging, especially in the summer. When your walls are only ½ an inch thick or less, ambient temperature and moisture have a huge impact on your setting time. On a hot, dry, windy day, you can often find yourself rushing to finish a job, and that can impact the quality of your work. That’s why we developed our product Plaster Delay-Set for just these occasions. By adding just one bag to 1,000 lbs of plaster mix, you can delay the set time by 1 hour. Need more time? Then add two bags for 2 hours of set delay. It’s that simple.

Water Loss Control

Like any contractor, you will always be judged by the quality of your work. Pool plastering means having a smooth, clean, and crack-free finish. And the best way to get a finish like that, is to use Plaster Supreme. By adding just one bag to 1,000 lbs of plaster mix, you will have a smooth, easily spreadable plaster that feels like troweling marshmallows. A soft, fluffy plaster that hangs better on verticals makes step finishes much easier. If you want the best finish in town, then you need the best additives in town to get it done.

Speed Up the Set Time

Not all pools are made in the summer! Sometimes we work in the winter too. And during those months, the plaster never seems to want to set. You can wait hours extra trying to finish the pool because the cold temperature are slowing down the set tremendously. Get the job done on time by using our accelerator, Plaster Fast-Set. It speeds up the set time so you can get the job done faster.