Packaged concrete is designed for a variety of uses, each of which requires different characteristics from the concrete. Fortunately, Fritz-Pak offers a wide range of powdered admixtures that can enhance your packaged concrete for any type of job. Our products allow you to customize your packaged concrete and promote different qualities to help your customer choose the concrete mix that is right for their project. Whether you want freeze-thaw resistance, or you need to change the set time, we have the powdered admixtures you’re looking for. All products listed are powders and can be packaged in bulk bags for your operations.

Control the Set Time

A common product you will want to create is a mix that provides a longer set time. Fritz-Pak Delayed-Set can give you this feature and is easily blended to your concrete mix prior to bagging. And if you need to speed up the set time, you can use our Non-Chloride Accelerator (NCA). This product decreases the set time and is the perfect admixture to add to your Cold Weather mixes.

Control the Air Content

If you’re making packaged concrete for use in colder climates, it will need to be able to withstand multiple freeze-thaw cycles. Fritz-Pak Air Plus and Super Air Plus are both great products for this problem. These powdered air entrainers create microscopic air bubbles during the mixing process. These bubbles allow water to expand in the concrete as it freezes and thaws.

Prevent Shrinkage

For your bags of non-shrink grout, use Fritz-Pak to get the best results. This non-metallic admixture has an active ingredient that forces the grout to expand, preventing natural shrinkage as the concrete sets. Plus, NS-7 acts as a grout fluidifier and improves the workability of the concrete mix while reducing the risk of cracks and cold joints. You get two admixtures for the price of one!

If you’re looking for a product to enhance your packaged concrete mixes, Fritz-Pak is here to help. Our powdered admixtures provide solutions to a variety of concrete problems while creating strong, durable concrete mixes