Prebagged concrete offers anyone the ability to complete a concrete project. Unfortunately, homeowners don’t always know how to properly design a concrete mix to ensure the best results. That’s why Fritz-Pak offers packaged concrete admixtures that can be mixed into dry concrete materials. These products allow you to create several different mix designs for customers to choose from, so they can get the right mix for their projects.

Product Solutions

Packaged Concrete Admixtures to Control the Set Time

Slow concrete mixes are common bagged mixes customers want, especially during the hot summer months. The easiest way to create these types of bagged mixes is to add a powdered delay set admixture. Fortunately, Fritz-Pak’s Standard Delay Set or Mini Delay Set can both be used to create “slowcrete” mixes. If you need to create a “fastcrete” mix, you will want to use our Non-Chloride Accelerator. This concrete accelerator speeds up the set time for those cold weather mixes without corrosive chemicals. Neither our delay set nor accelerating packaged concrete admixtures will harm the mix or require any special handling precautions.

Protect the Concrete with Packaged Concrete Air Entrainers

It is not uncommon for homeowners to install their own concrete and then wonder why it cracks, scales, or experiences spalling. The answer is usually freeze-thaw damage. If you want to provide a bagged concrete mix that reduces the risk of freeze-thaw damage in the future, adding a powdered air entrainer to the mix is the easiest solution. Air entrainers increase the air content of the concrete during the mixing process. The additional air content creates space for water to expand in the concrete as it freezes. This prevents cracking. Fritz-Pak’s Air Plus or Super Air Plus are two of our most powerful packaged concrete admixtures to help reduce the damage caused by cold weather.

Prevent Shrinking with Packaged Concrete Additives

If you’re manufacturing prebagged non-shrink grout, you’ll want to use Fritz-Pak’s NS-7 for the best results. This powerful admixture produces hydrogen gas during the hydration process to help the grout expand instead of shrinking. NS-7 also improves the workability of the grout mix to lower the risk of cracks and cold joints. So, it’s like you get two packaged concrete admixtures in one small bag.