As a contractor, you know that pouring ICF is not as simple as it sounds. Did you also know that Fritz-Pak provides a variety of products designed to make your job easy without compromising the integrity of the concrete? We understand that anything can happen on a job site, and one problem can affect the whole pour. We created easy-to-use admixtures to solve a wide range of on-the-job concrete problems. Each product comes in a water-soluble bag that you can just toss into the concrete and is ASTM certified to not harm the concrete.

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Creating the Perfect Flow

When pouring IFC, having the correct slump is probably the most important factor for a successful job. A concrete mix with too high slump may cause segregation and blowouts, which can ruin the integrity of the ICF walls. However, a mix with too low slump can lead to voids and honeycombing in the walls. In a word, the slump must be perfect. So, when the mix is too stiff, Supercizer 7 is perfect for giving you that extra workability you need.

Pumpable Concrete

If you’re working on an ICF concrete pour, you will probably use a concrete pump. You can improve the function of the pump with Slick-Pak II pumping aid. This product allows the concrete to smoothly flow through the boom pipes and into the form. Once the concrete is in the form, this product reduces voids, lowering the risk of blow-outs and seepage between forms. Slick-Pak II can also be used as a pump primer and is particularly useful for harsh concrete mix. Like all our products, Slick-Pak is ASTM certified to not harm the integrity of your concrete.

Controlling Set Time

When pouring ICF, the last thing you want is for the concrete to set too fast and create a cold joint. This is particularly concerning for concrete poured during the hotter months of the year. You can reduce this risk by adding our Mini Delayed Set admixture to your concrete, which will extend the set time. You can also use this product to keep the concrete from hardening in the truck when you run into delays. Just remember – 1 Bag, 1 Yard, 1 Hour!

Whatever problems you need to solve on the job site, Fritz-Pak has the solution that won’t slow you down or weaken your concrete. Check out our full list of products to learn more.