Summer temperatures and weather patterns present a lot of serious challenges for concrete workers across the industry. Without adequate prevention methods, concrete projects can get ruined very quickly in hot, dry weather. That’s why we manufacture a variety of powdered admixtures to help protect your concrete – and you – on even the hottest driest days. (And don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated.)

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Slow the Set Time

Slowing the set time of the concrete – or plaster – mix is perhaps the most important thing you can do to keep your concrete fresh enough long enough to finish and prevent heat stroke from overworking yourself trying to get it done in time. Our line of set delay products are easily added to the truck, mixer, or hopper and can give you up to a couple of extra hours of working time.

Improve the Surface

Even if the temperatures aren’t quite hot enough to warrant delaying the set time of the whole batch, even on warm days the top layer of concrete can start to dry out and crack very quickly. 

Spraying the surface with Fritz-Pak’s Control Finish is an easy, affordable way to “bring up the cream” and keep the layer workable while you apply the finishing touches to the concrete.

Control the Slump

Concrete tends to experience slump loss in hot weather, which means that the slump you left the plant with is more than likely not the slump you’re going to deliver to the job site. 

That’s where Fritz-Pak’s Supercizer 2 and Supercizer 7. Both these superplasticizers include a set delay element that can also help you keep the concrete workable on those long, hot days!