The concrete and cement industries are under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and create their products using more sustainable materials. Fritz-Pak is proud to offer solutions that can help improve concrete operations to make them more sustainable and reduce the industry’s overall impact on the environment.

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Prevent Rejected Concrete

Every year around 5% of all concrete produced gets rejected because it does not meet specifications. These rejected loads result in unwanted concrete that must be disposed of or crushed. All of which requires additional energy, money, and time. Not to mention the fact that you will need to recreate the original mix. Fortunately, Fritz-Pak offers a line of high-performance admixtures to help solve problems to prevent your concrete from being rejected. If you need to change the slump of your concrete, use Super Slump Buster or Supercizer PCE. Air Plus, Super Air Plus, and Air Minus can solve air entrainment issues.

Prevent Wash Water Disposal

Concrete wash water can have a devastating effect on the environment if it is not disposed of correctly. The EPA has developed a series of regulations surrounding the disposal of wash water, and violation of these regulations can result in significant fines and even a stop-work order. Fortunately, Fritz-Pak’s Mini-Delayed Set can act as a wash water stabilizer, allowing you to reuse all your wash water for the next load of concrete. Not only does this eliminate the risk of the wash water seeping into the environment, but it also reduces the amount of potable water needed to produce concrete.

Reduce Water Usage

In addition to lowering your demand for washing and rinsing, Fritz-Pak’s line of superplasticizers can also help reduce the amount of potable water used to create concrete. Our Supercizer PCE can lower the water requirements for your concrete by up to 40%. All of our superplasticizers can help enhance the slump of your concrete without adding additional water. And you won’t need to worry about lowering the strength of your concrete.