Decorative concrete has come a long way in the last few decades, creating unique challenges throughout the placing and finishing process. Fritz-Pak provides an array of products to resolve common problems facing decorative concrete contractors. Each product is easily added to the mix and is tested to not harm your concrete. Whether you’re looking for a product to enhance the quality, appearance, or resiliency of your concrete, Fritz-Pak has the solutions you need.

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Product Solutions

Control the Set Time

If you’ve ever worked on a decorative concrete job in the middle of summer, then you know the challenges the sun can create. There is only a small window of time before the concrete sets up, so how are you supposed to finish the whole job? When you can’t beat the heat, use a Fritz-Pak Standard Delayed Set or Mini-Delayed Set. These products extend the setting time of your concrete, allowing you to stamp and finish the design at your own pace.

But what about in the winter, when the concrete takes longer to set up and you need to get moving to your next job? Then you would use our Non-Chlorine Accelerator (NCA). This product decreases the amount of time needed for concrete to set. Now you will be able to apply the finishing touches quickly and get your crew and equipment to the next job. Both Delayed Set and NCA are non-hazardous materials and will not harm the concrete.

Control the Flow

While styles and patterns may change, decorative concrete countertops will remain a popular construction choice for many homeowners. Our innovative Counter-Flo product is specially formulated for concrete countertops and decorative statues. This product increases the workability of the concrete without changing the water to cement ratio. By using Counter-Flo, you are guaranteeing strong, durable concrete that will create a smooth, clean finish and an appealing aesthetic. Like all Fritz-Pak products, Counter- Flo will not cause harm to your concrete. You can also use any of our Superplasticizers to help create the perfect flow for your concrete.

Control the Finish

When working with decorative concrete, the last thing you want is for the top layer of the concrete to dry out too quickly and start crusting or cracking. So, what do you do when you’re working outside on a hot, windy day and you need to keep that top layer from setting up? You use Frtiz-Pak Control Finish, which works like a delayed set. Mixed separately as a liquid spray, Control Finish is easily applied to your poured concrete and won’t cause excess bleed water. Just apply an even spray, then trowel or float it into the fresh concrete. It keeps the moisture in the top layer and allows the concrete to set properly and maintain its strength. This gives you the extra time you need to add the decorative touches while the concrete is still wet.

Fritz-Pak is here to help your concrete job go right. Let us help you find the solutions you need to the most prevalent decorative concrete problems.