Are you looking for a high-quality admixture to beat the elements during your next concrete curbing project? Fritz-Pak offers a variety of concrete curbing admixtures to solve the common problems associated with concrete curb placement. Whether you’re working in hot weather or need a mix that can withstand harsh winter weather, we have the concrete curbing admixtures for the best possible results.

Product Solutions

Control the Slump with Concrete Curbing Admixtures

Slump is one of the most important aspects of concrete curb construction is slump.  Too much slump and the concrete won’t hold its shape.  Too little slump and the concrete won’t cure correctly.  So how do you control the slump of your mix?  With concrete curbing admixtures, like Super Slump Buster from Fritz-Pak.  This amazing viscosity modifying admixture lowers the slump without affecting the water cement ratio. This allows you to create a stronger, more cohesive mix for a clean-finished curb.

Control the Air Content with Air Entraining Admixtures

For curbs in colder climates, preventing freeze-thaw damage is a must.  The best way to do this is with Fritz-Pak’s concrete curbing admixtures, Air Plus or Super Air Plus.  These admixtures foam the mix, creating microscopic air bubbles within the concrete. The bubbles form air pockets, allowing water to expand within the concrete as it freezes, preventing cracks and increasing the durability of the concrete. Both Air Plus and Super Air plus have been certified to meet ASTM C 260.

Improve the Finish with Finishing Admixtures

Hot weather creates lots of challenges for finishing concrete, particularly during the early curing process. If the concrete dries too fast, it causes cracks and crusting, creating an unpleasant aesthetic. You can decrease the risk of crusting and improve the finish of your concrete curb with Fritz-Pak’s concrete curbing admixtures, like Control Finish. It delays the setting time of the surface preventing hot, dry winds from damaging the concrete as it sets up. It also provides you with a softer surface on which to apply decorative patterns or improve the contour of the curb. Like all other Fritz-Pak products, Control Finish will not harm your concrete.