Concrete pumping is a hard-enough job. Why waste time, energy, and money on subpar priming methods? Slick-Pak Pump Primers are the original concrete pump priming admixtures that are ASTM certified and tested to outperform the competition. No more hauling 100lbs bags of cement to create a slurry primer on site. No more risking damage to your equipment with a water-only prime. Our industry-recognized products coat the entire pipe to allow the concrete to flow smoothly. Plus, it comes in our signature, water-soluble packaged for easy use.

Product Solutions

Concrete Pump Priming Admixtures

Slick-Pak products are the industry standard for concrete pump priming admixtures. They make it easier than ever to effortlessly pump concrete, saving you time and money. Whether you’re interested in our Slick-Pak liquid primer for smaller line pumps or need the stronger Slick-Pak powder products to prime 50 meters of boom pipe, we guarantee you won’t find anything easier to use. Plus, it’s ASTM certified to not harm the integrity of your concrete.

Concrete Pumping Aid Admixtures

We know not every concrete mix is the same. Some days you’re pumping easy mixes with nice rounded aggregates and natural sands. Other days you’re pumping harsh chipped stone mixes with manufactured sands. For those days when you need a little extra boost to get the job done, Slick-Pak II is the ideal solution. With one to two bags added to the ready-mix truck, those difficult-to-pump jobs become a breeze. Just like our other concrete pump priming admixtures, this product is ASTM certified not to harm the concrete mix.

Boom Recirculation Admixture

What do you do if you’re in the middle of a large pour and the next truck hasn’t shown up yet? Use our Mini Delayed Set to keep the mix from setting up while you wait. Adding one bag to the hopper as you recirculate the mix can buy you an extra hour; so, you won’t have to worry about having a “boom party”. If that truck is running far behind and you need more time, don’t sweat it. Just add another bag and keep waiting. Like our line of concrete pump priming admixtures, our Mini Delayed Set is an ASTM-certified product.