The concrete industry has not been immune to the current supply and logistic challenges. Now more than ever it is important to find innovative ways to improve the quality of concrete while lower the requirements for cement and other hard to come by materials. Fortunately, Fritz-Pak admixtures can help lower the strain on ready-mixed operators and concrete pumpers.

Lower Cement Requirements

Many ready-mix plants across the country struggle to keep up with demand due to cement allocation. If you want to do more with the cement you receive, the best way is to lower the cementitious requirements for your mix. Adding a Superplasticizer is an easy way to increase the strength while lowering the cement requirements of your concrete mix.

Make the Mix Pumpable

Cement is not the only material that is in short supply these days. Concrete companies struggle to get enough fly ash to keep up with demand. Fly ash is typically used to increase the pumpability of mixes with coarse aggregates. Adding Fritz-Pak’s Slick-Pak II to the concrete as a pumping aid can provide the pumpability you need for those harsh mixes lacking fly ash.

Reduce Rejected Concrete

During a material and supply shortage, rejected concrete becomes an even bigger problem – as it wastes materials.  Fortunately, Fritz-Pak offers a wide variety of concrete admixtures that allow you to make adjustments at the job to ensure your concrete meets the specification for the project.