One of the fastest growing Fritz-Pak products of the past year has been Air-Minus. As the name suggests, Air-Minus is an air detrainer and will decrease the amount of entrained air in concrete, cement slurries, grout, and mortar mixes. This product is extremely effective in the production of heavyweight concrete and decreasing the foaming of cement in high speed mixes.

“This is a very versatile product because it has applications in many different markets,” says Gabriel Ojeda, president of Fritz-Pak. “Obviously, it is very useful for the statuary and precast industry in order to increase density of their products. But there are many commercial applications for heavyweight concrete as well. In hospitals and nuclear facilities, many of the walls must be built with heavyweight concrete in order to decrease the effects of radiation. Also, in the production of bridges, ballasts are made to be very heavyweight to provide structural support. In these types of specifications, where an engineer is looking for a concrete to have as little entrained air as possible, our product Air-Minus has been extremely successful.”

Over the past two year, Air-Minus sales have increased by 150%, from about 10,000 bags per year to over 25,000 bags per year. Most of the increase in sales have come from ready-mix companies, especially those that have had success in the past with Air Plus and Super Air Plus. Despite many markets being down last year, Air-Minus bucked the trend and has continued to be a good selling product in 2010.


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