Concrete pumping requires precision, dedication, and close attention any time of the year – but if you’re pumping concrete in the throes of winter weather, you have to be especially attentive. If the concrete freezes in the boom, not only can it damage your equipment, but it will also bring the job to a grinding halt. While there are some general safety tips you can take to keep this from happening, such as insulating your boom pipe or pumping a mix with hot water, few things beat using an admixture to improve the quality and consistency of your concrete. Here are some of Fritz-Pak’s top-selling products that can make your next cold-weather job a better experience.

Non-Chloride Accelerator: Speed Up the Set Time

Colder temperatures slow down the set time of concrete mixes, giving the water in the concrete extra time to react with the cold and freeze. Once the water is frozen, the setting process stops completely, weakening the concrete. While using an accelerator, like Fritz-Pak NCA, in your mix means you will have to pump a little faster to keep the mix from setting up in the boom, it will keep you from having to return and replace the concrete later. And hey, the faster you move the warmer you’ll be and the sooner you’ll be able to go inside and drink some warm cocoa.

Slick-Pak: Don’t Skip Priming

Priming your pump is an important step in the pumping process, and this is especially true when it is freezing outside. Without priming, you increase the risk of the concrete losing moisture in the boom and creating a plug. This will slow down your operation and the concrete is likely to freeze inside the hopper as well as inside the pipe. By using a high-viscosity primer like Slick-Pak or Slick-Pak II, you lower the risk of a plug that could ruin your entire day. And if you want to use the primer to keep your pipes warm, you can always mix the product with warm water.

Superplasticizers: Improve the Flow

Depending on the requirements of your mix, you might be able to use a superplasticizer to improve the flow of the concrete, making it easier to pump through the pipes. These products also reduce the amount of water required in the mix, which means there will be less water in the mix. When using a superplasticizer for cold weather concreting, it is very important you get one that does not include a delayed set chemical. If you’re using Fritz-Pak admixtures that would be either Supercizer 1 or Supercizer 5.

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