As we all continue to adapt to our world after the spread of Covid-19, your construction crew might be feeling the strain of social distancing requirements. Maybe you’ve had to reduce your crew to encourage correct social distancing or you can’t get enough workers. Or maybe you have contractors calling off more frequently due to suspected illness, or to handle increased childcare due to school closings. These are difficult times for an industry that was already dealing with a significant labor shortage.

Fortunately, Fritz-Pak products can help you adapt to the current circumstances and still produce high-quality concrete. These admixtures can buy you extra time when you need it and assist in aspects of the pouring and finishing process. Our products come packaged in a water-soluble bag that you can add directly into the mix, so you won’t have to spend time measuring. With a manufacturing facility here in the USA and a significant inventory of finished products, we can have any of the following products shipped to you in no time.

Delayed Set Admixtures
One of the biggest challenges facing construction crews is getting everything done before the concrete sets up. By adding a delayed set admixture, you can buy your crew the time they need to finish the job while still maintaining the proper social distance requirements. This product is an excellent choice for areas experiencing the brunt of summer heat on top of the challenges presented by the coronavirus. Whenever you need more time to work, adding a bag of our delayed set admixtures can save your concrete mix and give your crew the extra time they need.

Control Finish
It’s hard to get the perfect finish when you have less labor, but our finishing aid products are designed to make the finishing process go a lot smoother, literally! Just spray it on before you float, and our finishing aid will keep that surface layer nice and buttery, thus eliminating the need to retemper the concrete with water. This not only makes finishing the concrete easier, but it also creates a smoother, more appealing finished product.

Improving the workability of your concrete mix is a great way to save time on the job site because flowing concrete is easier to place. Our wide range of superplasticizers allows you to adjust the flow of the mix based on the unique needs of the pour can reduce your labor needs and lower the risk of injury on the job site. These products also reduce bleed water, which gives you a cleaner and better finish. In addition to saving you time on the job site, superplasticizers create stronger concrete, improve the dispersion of the mix, and help reduce shrinkage and cracking.

Fritz-Pak is here to support your construction crews during this unpredictable season, so give us a call or visit our product list to learn more about the products we offer that can help your smaller crews get the job done faster.