Delay Set Admixture

Delays and setbacks on the job are inevitable. Unfortunately, concrete is unforgiving and doesn’t wait for anyone or anything. Fritz-Pak’s Mini Delay Set can help. This potent admixture provides a variety of solutions to delays and other challenges for professionals across the concrete industry.

Concrete Pumpers: Protect Your Equipment

One of the most frustrating things that can happen on the job is a delayed concrete delivery – especially if you’ve already started pumping. If you find yourself suddenly waiting on the next load of concrete, protecting your pump from a plug is priority number 1. Fortunately, adding Mini Delay Set to the hopper before you start recirculating the boom can buy you up to an hour of extra time. And if the concrete is running really far behind, you can add more bags to keep the concrete in the pump from setting up before you’re ready to get back to work.

Concrete Contractors: Stamp the Perfect Finish

Creating a consistent finish for your stamped concrete projects gets more and more challenging as the project gets bigger. This is especially true if parts of the job are in the shade and other parts are in full sun. In this situation, you can use Mini Delay Set to slow down the part of the concrete that will be placed in the sun. This helps the concrete set up more consistently and reduces the risk of an uneven aesthetic.

Ready-Mix Operators: Protect Your Equipment (and the Environment)

One of the most complicated aspects of a concrete job site is determining how to handle the concrete wash water disposal. Because the wash water is so alkaline, it can significantly damage the environment around the job site. Many states have cumbersome regulations that must be followed carefully to avoid stop work orders. Fritz-Pak’s Mini Delay Set offers an easy, cost-effective solution. Mini Delay Set stabilizes the concrete wash water and allows you to reuse the water in the next load of concrete.

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